The College has 2 uniform suppliers: 

Bob Stewart, Bentleigh and Nicholls Interiors, Gardenvale - see below for the items sold at each outlet...

Bob Stewart

This Bob Stewart store is located at 466 Centre Road, Bentleigh. 

  • The Bentleigh store opened on Monday 11 November, 2019  

  • Bob Stewart Bentleigh stocks the entire Star uniform, including all sports uniforms: CLICK HERE to see the list

Opening hours during school terms

Monday-Thursday from 8:30am to 4:30pm 
Saturdays from 9:30am to 12:30pm

Contact details:
NEW STUDENTS in 2020:  Bob Stewart appointments are now open
Please contact the Bentleigh store to book a fitting appointment during November and December 2019; the store closes on 14 December 2019 for the festive season break and will re-open for 2020 on Monday 13 January.

Nicholls Interiors

Our summer and winter uniforms are available from Nicholls Interiors, 159 Martin Street, Brighton (next to Gardenvale Railway Station). 

Opening hours

Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm
Saturdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Contact details:

NOTE: the College sport uniform is not available at Nicholls

CLICK HERE for the Nicholls uniform price list (2020) for the 'formal' College uniform of blazer, dress, jumper, socks & tights, shirts and the winter skirt.

Any blazers that need an updated pocket with the current College crest (introduced in 2013) must be ordered from Nicholls, either in-store or by phone.  Nicholls staff can advise you where to take the blazer to have the pocket professionally attached.

All students at the College are required to wear full school uniform travelling to and from school:

  • The College jumper cannot be worn as the outer garment
  • Students are expected to ensure that their uniforms are neat, clean and worn correctly
  • All articles of clothing are to be clearly named
  • Students chosen in school teams will be required to wear the specified team uniform.

Important information regarding the College crest:

    • Only uniform with the current College crest (introduced in 2013) will be sold from either outlet
    • The old crest is no longer allowed on any uniform (there was a 5 year changeover period from 2013 - 2018)   
    • To avoid confusion, please note the current crest on this website and on signage around the College: a large College crest is on the external Library wall and there is also one in the Martin Street Reception area.