Applying to Enrol at Star of the Sea College


  • Key information - Year 7 applications
  • Enrolment Criteria - Year 7 applications
  • Annual Grade 5 students' tour series  
  • Online Application Process  
  • Key Dates 

KEY INFORMATION - Year 7 applications

    • The application process for the cohort of Year 7 students each year is online, via a web portal 
      • there are no paper-based applications for Year 7 entry 
    • The Year 7 Enrolment process ends when your daughter is in her Grade 5 year
      • applications close in Term 3 of your daughter's Grade 5 year
      • offers are made in Term 3 of your daughter's Grade 5 year
      • applications are not taken on a first-in basis - they are considered according to the Year 7 Enrolment Criteria posted on this website and only after the portal closes
      • offers are emailed after sorting of applications according to the enrolment criteria (see Key Dates each year)
    • College tours for Grade 5 primary school students take place across Terms 1 - 3 each year 
      • these tours are of the areas a Year 7 student would typically use in any given week at school
      • these tours are not whole-school tours and take approx 1 hour
      • families of younger girls are most welcome to book a tour 
    • Enrolment Applications require the payment of a non-refundable $100 fee
      • Note: when using the application portal, please note that your application is not complete unless the application fee is paid - always check your bank statement if in any doubt as to whether you have paid this fee
    • Key Dates outline the timing for the Year 7 enrolment application process: length of time portal access is active, offers of enrolment, all deadlines 

ENROLMENT CRITERIA - Year 7 applications

In processing all applications for entry to the College in Year 7, priorities are as follows: 
  1. Catholic daughters of past students who are currently in Catholic primary schools 
  2. Catholic sisters of current Star of the Sea College students who are currently in Catholic primary schools 
  3. Catholic students who are currently enrolled in priority parish Catholic primary schools 
  4. Catholic daughters of past students who are not currently attending a Catholic primary school 
  5. Catholic sisters of current students who are not currently attending a Catholic primary school 
  6. Catholic students from other Catholic parishes 
  7. Catholic students from other primary schools 
  8. Students of other religious traditions
In each Year 7 intake cycle, the offer of a place is dependent upon the meeting of enrolment criteria and the number of applications received in any one cycle. 


    • Each year the College offers a series of tours to Grade 5 students and their families across Terms 1-3, ending in early August of each year
    • The tours are booked via a TryBooking link on our website each cycle 
    • Grade 5 tour series is now complete for the 2019 school year
      • 2020 Grade 5 Tours will posted on this website once the dates are confirmed


    • All enrolment applications for Year 7 are online 
    • The application web portal opens in Term 1 each year and closes early in Term 3 each year 
    • Applications can be made from birth to Grade 5 but are considered after the close of the application portal when your daughter is in Grade 5 
    • Offers are made in your daughter's Grade 5 year, regardless of when you apply (there is no 'first in' factor as applications are sorted according to the Year 7 Enrolment Criteria listed on this page)


    • Key dates for each Year 7 application/offer cycle are outlined on this website
    • CLICK HERE for the Year 7, 2021 key dates


  • Enrolment application inquiries for all students in Years 8 through to Year 12, email  
  • Entry into Years 8 - 12 is via an application to enrol and interview


To inquire about all waiting lists, please email the College Registrar:  


College Registrar and Community Engagement Officer: Ms Elaine Tebbutt  
T: (03) 9595 9595 

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