Principal’s Message


Welcome to Star of the Sea College

In 2019, the Star of the Sea College theme is “Open Your Heart”. This is a message of welcome, and it embodies the values of Nano Nagle. The theme is a challenge for each member of our community to discover ways to welcome and encourage those who may have felt excluded or overlooked in the past. Connectedness to community is one of the hallmarks of good mental and physical health and Star of the Sea provides many opportunities for students to become involved in the life of the College, through Music Festival, Sport carnivals, Social Justice outreach and other curriculum opportunities.

“Soft skills” have been identified as a key emphasis in developing new electives for students across the middle years, including innovation, creativity, risk-taking, global citizenship, communication, environmental responsibility, teamwork, adaptation and change. Our students are challenged to aim high and think beyond current expectations and roles, in line with the long held mantra “Strong Star Women”, which acknowledges that the College empowers women to take their place in society and work towards positive social change.

As a College, we take pride in maintaining a clear focus on the ‘whole’ student, an approach that comes through in the way that we have created our Mentor Program and how our highly committed, talented and professional teachers go about their work.

Star students are proud of who they are and strive to achieve their goals both individually and collectively. The strong culture of connection, participation and engagement brings out their best and supports them to achieve their personal best.

Mary O'Connor