Prayer and Liturgy

The College places great emphasis on prayer and reflection.

Students are familiarised with different approaches to prayer and the prayers of the Church through their formal Religious Education programs.  Reflective practices are often developed and deepened on annual retreats and reflection days.

In mentor Group, house and whole-College gatherings, prayers are offered for those in need and in communion with the rhythm of the wider Church. They are developed and deepened on annual retreats and reflection days.

We gather as a full College to celebrate Ash Wednesday, Easter, Foundation Day in March, the Feast of the Sacred Heart in June, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, and the end of Year 12.

These liturgies incorporate the performing and visual arts and utilise the gifts of the student body, whether it be prayers in languages other than English in an Easter celebration or an original piece of music played at the preparation of the gifts.

Through prayer and liturgy, students are immersed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, are attuned to the beauty and suffering in our world, become people of gratitude and develop a deeper knowledge of God’s immense love and care for them.