ANZAC House provides a unique and innovative learning experience for our Year 9 students

The ANZAC experience aims to encourage personal growth through greater opportunity to experience leadership, decision making, team building and independent learning.

The House pastoral and teaching structure. 

Students are organised into four houses:  

  • Gallipoli
  • Kokoda
  • Long Tan 
  • Tobruk  

Each of the four houses is divided into two groups of approximately twenty-five students. For each House, two teachers form a core teaching team that is responsible for the delivery of at least half of the total curriculum to students within that House.  Each teaching team has an English/Humanities specialist who is complemented by a specialist from the Science learning area. This teaching arrangement is to ensure a balance of curriculum expertise within each team.


The Year 9 curriculum is delivered by a core teaching team to allow each subject to be presented in a manner conducive to successful learning for all students, with differentiated and authentic learning at the core of delivery.

There are three core areas that are delivered in a manner similar to that at other year levels: 
  • Mathematics
  • Languages Other Than English 
  • Physical Education
In addition to these subjects, a number of core units will be taught through an integrated, thematic approach. These units are developed and taught by specialist teachers from the English, Science and Humanities learning domains.

Five integrated units of work are undertaken throughout the year:
  • Encounters
  • Building Blocks
  • Legends
  • Movers and Shakers 
  • Mystery in the House 
Each unit focuses on domain-specific skill development through the delivery of thematic content. 

Student Life

Students have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of committees that cover various aspects of life at ANZAC. Through their participation in these committees they learn important skills of communication, cooperation and organisation.

Students are entrusted with caring for and maintaining the environment at ANZAC. This encourages a sense of responsibility for and pride in the ANZAC community to which they belong. 

Each student also has an opportunity throughout the year to perform the role of Student Secretary. For one day in the year, it will be her responsibility to oversee the ANZAC library, to take phone messages and to perform other administrative duties.

Students also participate in a weekly workshop program. The focus of these activities is to provide girls with the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in response to many of the opportunities and challenges experienced in adolescence. The program promotes and fosters positive relationships between students and teachers; encourages self-confidence and independent learning.

Year 9 students are very fortunate to share their historical campus with the residents of the ANZAC Hostel and the veterans who attend the ANZAC Day Centre.  The relationship between the residents and the veterans is encouraged and fostered through the commemoration of significant days including ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day and the Companions Program. 

Star of the Sea regards the ANZAC experience as an invaluable opportunity to optimise student learning through a creative, exciting, compassionate and challenging approach to education.