The Performing Arts at Star of the Sea offers a rich and diverse range of subjects and co-curricular experiences. 

Our aim is to provide all students with the opportunity to participate and engage in Drama, Dance and Media Studies from Year 7 to Year 12. 

We are committed to encouraging and supporting our students to take risks, explore possibilities and rise to meet new challenges. 

We place a strong emphasis on each student’s individual needs and the development of confidence and self-awareness through participation.

Students study Drama as a core subject in Year 7 and Year 8 and as an elective in Year 9 and Year 10. 

VCE Theatre Studies is offered in Year 11 and Year 12.

Dance and Media are offered as electives in Year 10 to Year12. 

Our Co-curricular Program provides all students with the opportunity to participate in the Performing Arts across a range of events:
• Productions;
• Festivals;
• Special Events;
• Drama Club.