Why Learn Japanese?   

The 21st Century has been called the Asian Century with cultural, political and economic links between Australia and Asian countries growing day by day. In many ways, Japan is a bridge between Asia and the rest of the world, with its stable democracy and strong economy. Australia is one of Japan’s most important partners with annual trade between the two countries valued at over 66 billion dollars in 2012. If you can speak Japanese, there are many fantastic opportunities waiting for you in the business and political worlds.   

Japan is a country blessed with beautiful nature and a very unique culture. A knowledge of Japanese will give you access to a whole new world of special sights and sounds in Japan where it seems as though there is a festival every day!   

Japan is also a very modern country, leading the way to the future with some of the world’s most advanced technologies and innovative ideas. If you are interested in science and technology, Japanese can open doors to a wealth of new ideas and applications for you.   

For fans of anime and cutting edge fashion, Japan is a pop culture paradise. From the quirky to the sublime, there is plenty to capture a young person’s interest in Japan today.   

If you continue Japanese until VCE, you will have a real advantage as you can earn up to 10 bonus points to add to your study score !   

The Year 7 Course   

The Year 7 Japanese course will introduce you to the basics of the Japanese language. You will learn how to introduce yourself, talk about your age and where you come from, where you live and much more.   By the end of the course, you’ll be able to get by meeting new people in Japan!    

The emphasis in the classroom is on communicative activities that encourage you to use Japanese. We use lots of video, songs, YouTube clips and games in the classroom to help you master how to speak Japanese and to make sure your Japanese classes are fun. The Year 7 Japanese website offers a wide range of support and extension material to help you achieve success.    

Some students worry about learning the Japanese writing system. We have set up a self-study system that allows you to work at your own pace. We have support videos and activities to help you master small sections of each script. The system allows you to accelerate quickly through the tests or take your time and sit a test when you feel ready. Students receive Academic Awards when they master the Hiragana script. You can move on to the Katakana script whenever you are ready.   

In Year 8, you will have a chance to host a student from Shibuya in Tokyo for two weeks. If you continue with Japanese until Year 10, you can join us on our Japan study tour and start your own adventures in the wonderful country that is Japan.      

Samples of Year 7 Japanese