NASA Camp #1 Report

Posted 16-Apr-2018

NASA CAMP #1 - a report

Star of the Sea College’s first mission to NASA was launched from Tullamarine on Saturday, 31 March.

The first stop was the NASA Space Camp in Alabama   

Three teachers and 25 students from Years 10 and 11 immersed themselves in all the activities and mission training exercises undertaken by astronauts. They were in control of their mission, preparing the mathematics and the launch sequence as well as undertaking endurance training: scuba diving, flight simulations and shuttle repairs. They stayed at Space Camp for a week and graduated as young astronauts.  


The next stop was a 3-day visit to Washington. They explored the Smithsonian Air and Space & Natural History Museums, the WWII Memorial, Roosevelt memorial and Einstein Memorial, Capitol Hill, the Lincoln Memorial and the new memorial to Martin Luther King.   A rare private tour of the internal rooms of the White House was amazing although brief. The security checks took longer than the tour!

Orlando, Florida was next, with a visit to the Kennedy Space Centre and Cape Canaveral to see the launch sites and the actual mission control centre where the rockets get launched. They experienced an iFly wind tunnel flight – the students actually flew!

The last stop was a visit to Universal Studios where students completed a Physics tour related to all the thrill rides and - of course – they tested them out. They glided across the everglades in an airboat, dodging alligators, before returning home on Saturday, 14 April.