Full WINTER UNIFORM is to be worn from today

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Winter Uniform Clarification

You have the option to wear tights or the navy blue socks for this year; the decision to make tights compulsory will be reviewed this year. The winter skirt is of an appropriate length for the school environment (mid-knee length). There is the option to wear long pants. Please note: * The College Blazer is to be worn to and from school - the jumper is not to be worn as the outer garment
* Navy scarf only - no other colours are permitted * No "hoodies" are to be worn with the uniform. (e.g. Great Vic, NASA, Japan Tour, etc.) * Hair must be tied back neatly: Star hair ribbons are available from the Uniform Shop at Anzac

- - Students are to be in full Winter uniform from Monday 30 April - -
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