Music Fest 2018 Report

Posted 24-Feb-2018

Music Fest 2018 Report

The 2018 Music Fest was a resounding success in all aspects of the event.  

From the creative and productive rehearsal days to the day of the event, where students and support staff worked hard to ensure 'it would be right on the night', to the evening of music, colourful costumes, beautiful voices and the joy of the performance for all involved, we witnessed a memorable evening at The Plenary!

Music Fest is so much more than the song and dance spectacular we witnessed on stage. It is about teamwork, student leadership, large groups of students working towards a common goal, self discipline, adherence to schedules and personal time management... all important life skills.  

Then there are the rigorous design processes behind the scenes and the stagecraft opportunities where students work with experienced personnel to ensure all goes smoothly at the performance venue. Add to that the bonding across year levels that comes with an event such as Music Fest, you have so much more than what we saw on the night.  

Well done to every student involved in Music Fest!  Thank you to the staff who supported the students through their school/rehearsal days and the event. A huge thank you to our families who were there as the event was developed and turned out in huge numbers to cheer and applaud the students' performances on the night.

The Music Fest 2018 Award winners:

  • The Meredith Talia Award for Best Accompanist - Phoebe C, Ave House
  • The Art & Design Award - Kiara L, Fay House
  • Best Choir - Nagle House
  • Best Dance - Nagle House
  • Overall Music Fest 2018 Winner - Stella House


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