Past Students' Association

Notice of Annual General Meeting  
to be held on Monday February 13th 2017 at 6.30pm
in the foyer of the FAYBYRNE Performing Arts Centre.

Office bearers for 2017:

Frances Tobin
Therese Proy
Minute Secretary
Kris Johnstone
Prayer & Liturgy Coordinator    
Moira Fitzsimon

New members of the Past Students’Association are always welcomed


Monday, 13 February - 6.30pm              AGM -all alumnae are invited to attend

Monday, 20 March - 6.30pm                  Committee meeting

Wednesday, 26 July - 6.30pm                 Committee meeting

Thursday, 31 August - 7.00 pm               Star Women Speak

Monday, 11 September - 6.30 pm         Committee meeting

Thursday, 19 October - 5.00pm              Reunion of Class of 2015

Thursday, 19 October - 7.00 pm              Committee meeting

Sunday, 12 November - 9.30 am             Remembrance Mass

Kris Johnstone Past Students Liason Officer


 Further details will be provided closer to these dates. For all queries, email

Kris Johnstone, Past Students' Liaison Officer

Past Students is open each Wednesday during Term