Key Personnel

College Leadership

  • Principal: Ms Mary O'Connor
  • Deputy Principal, Students: Mr Chris Burn
  • Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching: Ms Sarah Tymensen
  • Deputy Principal, Professional Learning: Ms Bernadette Turner
  • Mission Leader: Ms Judeline Wadhwani
  • Business Manager: Mr Brendan Lynch

Finance and Fees

Finance Manager: Ms Onkar Chauhan

Risk and Compliance

Risk & Compliance Manager: Ms Eloisa Nidorfer

Buildings and Grounds

  • Operations and Services Manager: Mr Adrian Harvey
  • Property Manager: Mr Rod Quan

Development Office

  • Development & Communications Manager: Ms Jenni Tucker
  • Publications Officer: Ms Judy Ryan
  • Registrar & Community Engagement Officer: Ms Elaine Tebbutt
  • Archivist: Ms Kerry Doquile

Student Careers Centre

  • Careers Leader: Mr Mark Weegberg
  • Pathways Coordinator (incl. Work Experience): Ms Dimi Palatsides

Student Learning Support

Learning Support Leader: Ms Charmaine McKee