Enrolment FAQ

Here are many of the frequently asked questions.  Please do not hesitate to contact the College Registrar should you need more information.

Why do I have to apply for a Year 7 place for my daughter when she is only in Grade 5 at her primary school?

We work with the guidelines as set out by the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne (CEM). Whilst this process has been in place for a number of years now, for parents of older daughters who may have gone through the application process in their Grade 6 year, this is a new system. Please be assured that we have a great deal of information on our website regarding the process and we do contact the Principals of all of the Catholic primary schools in our priority parishes to keep them up to date with application deadlines so they can disseminate the information to the parents in their school communities.

Can I make an enrolment application before my daughter is in Grade 5?

Yes you can. It is important to note that the application process for the Year 7 cohort intake is not 'first come, first served' - the Year 7 enrolment criteria still apply to each intake cycle regardless of when you submit an application.

How do I book a tour?

Contact the College Registrar, via email, registrar@starmelb.catholic.edu.au  - please note that no tours are scheduled during examination periods.

Each year there is a series of tours specifically designed for the Grade 5 students and their families who are intending to apply for a Year 7 place, booked via the College website once the dates are allocated each year.  

Tours for prospective students interested in Years 8 - 12 are organised by contacting the College Registrar.

We will not have open days or whole school tours until our building program has been completed.

How do the waiting lists work?

You must contact the College Registrar to be placed on a waiting list.  The lists are perennial, with annual reviews.  Should a place become available, the family is contacted and an interview arranged. Supporting documents such as school reports, the NAPLAN, a copy of your daughter's birth certificate and proof of baptism are required.

In the Year 7 criteria, what is the definition of  'Catholic'?

To have been baptised, as a Catholic, in any Catholic Church in Australia or an international location.  Date and location, along with a copy of the Certificate of Baptism, will be called for should you receive an offer of a place at the College.

I don't understand the Priority Parishes - can you help me?

Here is the definition as published on the CEM website. "For the purpose of enrolment, the school catchment is the parish or group of parishes, as defined by Catholic Education Melbourne, from which the school draws the majority of its enrolments and to which the school gives priority of enrolment. For the majority of primary schools this will be the parish to which the school belongs. In those parishes with more than one primary school the catchment for each school is determined by the parish in consultation with Catholic Education Melbourne. For secondary schools it will be those parishes designated as 'priority parishes' by Catholic Education Melbourne." 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the College Registrar, tel: 9595 9595.

I have missed the Year 7 application deadline - what do I do?

Please contact the College Registrar regarding going on to a waiting list.

My daughter is starting in Year 7 next year... what do I have to know regarding her transition to Star?

CLICK HERE to go to the Year 7 Transition information 

I am moving to Melbourne from an overseas/ interstate location - what is the process?

If moving from overseas, please be aware that the Northern Hemisphere timetable is significantly different to ours here in Australia - you may have to consider a half year in the same year level, should a place be available at the College, in order to align with year level subjects and the student's peer group.  In the case of international applications, student identification documents such as birth certificate and passport are required, and all applications require copies of school reports and any other relevant documentation, e.g. letters of recommendation. Please call the College Registrar on (03) 9595 9595 to discuss what is required.  

I need to find a place at the College for my daughter mid-year, what can I do?

Contact the College Registrar via email registrar@starmelb.catholic.edu.au or telephone (03) 9595 9595.  

We are moving overseas/ interstate... what do I have to do to give notice to the College of my daughter's exit? 

Ten (10) weeks notice of exit is required.  You will need to give formal notice to the Principal, in writing (principal@starmelb.catholic.edu.au) outlining your time frame, destination school and reasons for leaving.  If there are extenuating circumstances, please outline in writing, to the Principal, Ms Mary O'Connor, so that she may discuss the matter with you. 

The College Registrar will assist you with steps regarding exit, the laptop, the lock/locker, library resources and uniform - please email or telephone for guidance.