Key Personnel

Leadership Team
Principal  Mary O'Connor
Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching        Sarah Tymensen
Deputy Principal - Students Chris Burn
Deputy Principal - Professional Learning 
Bernadette Turner
Mission Leader Judeline Wadhwani
Business Manager Brendan Lynch
College Organiser Liz Freer


Finance Manager Onkar Chauhan
Office Manager           Noreen Milllar
Registrar & Community Engagement Officer   Elaine Tebbutt
Student Administration & Services  Lisa Murie

Student Support

Careers Leader  Mark Weegberg
Counsellors Julianne Williams
Amanda Dawson
Learning Support Leader Charmaine McKee
Information Technology Manager       Brendan Catlow

Pastoral Coordinators 

Pastoral Coordinator - Year 7  Anna Dortmans
Pastoral Coordinator - Year 8 Michelle Sweeny
Pastoral Coordinator - Year 9 Kym Hardeman
Pastoral Coordinator - AVE Clare Meehan
Pastoral Coordinator - FAY Sue Bennetts
Pastoral Coordinator - NAGLE Fiona Hall
Pastoral Coordinator -STELLA            Brendan Phyland 

Faculty Leaders

English  Chris Pearson
Food Technology / Human Development    Bernadette Dorning
Health and Physical 
Rebecca Ticli
Humanities Briony Parker
Integrated Studies Diana Brooks
Andrew Holland
Languages Julie Devine
Mathematics Chris Nichols
Music Gavin Cassidy
Performing Arts / 
Cathryn Williams
Gavin Cassidy
Religious Education
Science Toula Tripaydonis
Visual Arts Rehana Patrick

Positions of Leadership

eLearning  Sam Harding
College Sports Coordinator Elle Bennetts
Social Justice Leader Mary Harmes 
Head of Sport Lauren Munday
Stacella Coordinator Tenille Kearney
Student Teacher Coordinator        Nadine Schilg
Senior Studies Leader Rebecca Sharp
Learning Innovation Leader Mellesa McDiarmid
Library Services Leader

Professional Learning

Staff see themselves as lifelong learners. They are involved in whole-school professional learning days each term and in professional learning teams, contributing to learning in faculty and pastoral- based teams and attending external and internal professional learning activities.

Staff attend professional learning in many areas:
• student wellbeing;
• subject-based pedagogy;
• incorporating information and communications technology in the classroom;
• sustainability;
• curriculum development;
• religious and faith education;
• Presentation education. 

Many staff hold Masters Degrees or are currently undertaking further studies.

All teaching staff must be registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT).
To register, staff must have completed 20 hours of standards-referenced professional learning as well as 10 hours of teaching or equivalent in the previous 12 months.

Please visit the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) for further details.