Leadership Opportunities

At Star of the Sea College, student leadership is built upon the guiding principles of Gospel Values and Presentation Charism. Students are encouraged to lead through service to others rather than through self-promotion.

Leadership at Star is seen as promoting the greater good of fellow students, together with the greater good of the whole Star community.

All leadership is linked with promotion of social justice within and outside the College and College leaders are to present themselves as positive role models at all times.
The innate leadership ability of each student has an opportunity to develop through the structure of elected positions of responsibility throughout the year levels and the houses.

Through these positions, the students learn that the exercise of power and control carries responsibility for the whole community.

Years 11 and 12

Leadership Positions at Years 11 and 12 are determined by both elections and appointments. 

College and House Leader Positions
• College Captain
• College Vice Captain
• House Captain (Ave, Fay, Nagle or Stella)
• House Liturgy Captain (Ave, Fay, Nagle or Stella)
• House Social Justice Captain (Ave, Fay, Nagle or Stella)
• House Dance Captain (Ave, Fay, Nagle or Stella)
• House Music Captain (Ave, Fay, Nagle or Stella)
• House Sport Captain (Ave, Fay, Nagle or Stella)

Activity Captains

• Art
• Debating
• Drama
• Irish Dancing
• Environment
• Magazine
• Concert Orchestra
• Stacella
• Technology

Years 7 to 10

Homeroom Captains are elected by members of the homeroom.
Year 7 and Year 8 Homeroom Captains are elected each term.
Year 9 Homeroom Captains are elected each semester.

In addition to the above leadership positions, the following positions are available in Years 7 -10:

• two Year level Environment Representatives (Ballygriffin)
• two Year level Liturgy & Social Justice Representatives (Lantern)
• two Year level S.R.C. Representatives (FAYBYRNE)

Other leadership positions include:

• Year Level House Representatives (Years 7—10)
• Year 10 House Drama Captains