Blessing of New Principal

Posted 28-Feb-2017

Blessing and Commissioning of Ms Mary O'Connor

On Wednesday, 1 February, the new Star of the Sea College Principal, Ms Mary O'Connor, was welcomed into her role with a beautiful Blessing and Commissioning ceremony, part of which is quoted here:

"We place upon you this mantle - embossed with the names of all previous principals of Star of the Sea College since 1883 - and now, your own.  May the wisdom and courage of these women who have gone before you strengthen your heart and mind for the task ahead.

We hold out to you this simple lantern.  As Nano Nagle searched the streets of Cork under cover of darkness inviting impoverished Catholics to entrust their children to her care, may your own light shine for all to see and inspire us to bring light out of darkness.

We anoint you with oil as a symbol of your leadership within our Catholic community.  May this sign of the cross shape your words and deeds with truth and justice."

Amongst those who were involved in the Liturgy were the Congregation Leader, Presentation Sisters Victoria, Sr Maria Lazzaro pbvm, Chair of the Star of the Sea College Board, Ms Kathleen Donnellon, and Board member, Sr Helen Carboon pbvm.