Attendance (Lateness/Absence)

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If your daughter is absent from school, please contact Student Administration before 9.00am by email, telephone or a reply SMS.

Email for absences -

Student Administration phone number - 9595 9595

Complete and submit the following form if absenteeism can be advised earlier.
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An SMS text message is sent if we have not received notification of your daughter’s absence by 9.30am. Homeroom teachers will follow up with your daughter about unexplained absences, requesting a note from you via one of the methods listed above.

If your daughter needs to be dismissed from school early ...

written confirmation via one of the methods listed above must be provided to her Pastoral Coordinator. An early dismissal pass is then issued which must be presented at the office before departure. I encourage all parents new to the College to read the first 12 pages of your daughter’s diary.